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Because of increased energy usage to heat homes during extreme cold weather, many members will experience higher bills in the coming month.
Importantly, these bills should generally not be as high as some of the variable price spikes reported by some Texas customers of retail electric companies. That is because of stable contracts at Southern Illinois Power Cooperative (SIPC) which supplies power to us for distribution to member’s homes.
When temperatures go down in winter, heating needs go up, which increases energy use in homes and other spaces.
Even if a thermostat is kept at the same temperature inside, the heat pump or furnace must work harder when it gets colder outside – increasing energy use and energy bills as a result.
Space heating and water heating are the two biggest drivers of energy use in most households, accounting for over 50% of a home’s energy use during the winter months.
We are working with members to identify ways to minimize the impact of high bills.  As we often do, we want to work with members who are struggling to pay their bill. Members are encouraged to contact us to review payment assistance resources and discuss payment options.
We offer budget billing plans to help keep monthly electric bills predictable and manageable. This free option averages electric use over a 12-month rolling period to avoid big fluctuations in monthly bills.
If members are concerned about their electric use, we can schedule energy audits.
In January, we paid the least amount per kWh since 2011 for wholesale power from SIPC. Thankfully, this will help to offset the cost of your high usage in February that may have resulted due to the polar freeze.
We take our role as your energy provider seriously. Again, we want our member-owners to contact us if they have difficulty paying their bill. Contact us by calling 618-827-3555 to review possible solutions.