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Understanding Your Bill

General Information

Our office is located at 7420 US HWY 51 South, Dongola, IL. A depository is available just outside our front door for making afterhours payments. Failure to receive a bill does not exempt you from monthly payment, late charges, or disconnection.

Collection and Disconnection Fees

If a SIEC representative must be sent to the member location to disconnect service, a service charge will be added to the delinquent bill. The member is responsible for paying the current bill, past due bill, service charges, and security deposit in full before service will be restored. Once our serviceman arrives at the property, he will not be allowed to wait for member to contact our office to make payment arrangements. Any request for an extension must be made at least 3 days prior to the cut off date shown on your invoice.

Budget Billing

(Available for residential accounts only)
We offer a “fixed” budget billing plan to residential members who have a good credit rating, a minimum of twelve months usage history, and whose account reflects a current billing status. Your budget amount is set to the average monthly billing based on the previous twelve month’s total billing. Contact our office for further details or request being placed on our Budget Billing Plan.

Unpaid Final Bill

Unpaid balances are turned over to a collection agency if not paid within 60 days of the disconnection. Unpaid balances will also be assessed a late fee of 5% per month from the date of disconnection until the bill is paid in full.

Payment Options:

  1. Automated Payment Plan
    We offer a free debit plan (ACH) that draws funds from your checking or savings account to pay your monthly electric bill. The payment is made automatically each month. Contact our office for enrollment information.
  2. On-Line Payments
    Visit our website and pay your invoices using your checking account, a debit or credit card.
  3. Credit Card Payments
    We can charge your credit card to pay your monthly electric bill. Contact our office for more information.
  4. Pay by Phone
    Paying by phone is another great option To pay by phone, members call 1-855-356-6361.

Call Before You Dig!

You must call JULIE at 811 at least 48-hours in advance of digging.

Power Outages/Emergencies

If you have an emergency, or if your electric service goes out (check your fuse or circuit breakers before calling) then, please call immediately. If SIEC personnel are called out after hours for problems on the member’s side of the meter, a charge may be assessed. Call 1-800-762-1400 or 618-827-3555.

Definition of Terms and Charges

Service from/to — Dates the previous/present readings were taken for your billing cycle this billing period.
Estimated Bill — We are unable to obtain a valid meter reading; therefore we have estimated your usage based on usage history.
KWH (Kilowatt-hour) — The basic unit for measuring the amount of electricity used.
Multiplier — Some meters require a mathematical calculation to determine the energy usage.
Demand — Measure of the highest 15 minute electric usage during billing period.
Previous Balance — Pending balance from last month.
Adjustments — May include service charges, and debit/credit adjustments for correcting previous billings.
Security Deposit — SIEC may require a security deposit. Security deposits are held until 1) a member establishes a minimum of twenty-four month’s “Good” credit, or 2) member moves out of SIEC’s service area and security deposit shall be used to reduce the amount of the final bill.
Late Payment Fee — A late fee is assessed when payment is not received or postmarked by the due date.
NSF — Insufficient Funds: Includes the amount of the returned check and a returned check service charge of $35.00 if using standard paper check form. The NSF service charge is $35.00 if you are using our ACH service. If you have two NSFs in a twelve month period, your account will be marked as CASH ONLY, and we will not accept a check for a minimum period of twelve months.
Payment — All payments received since your last billing.
Balance prior to Billing — When this is the balance owing (debit), your account may be subject to disconnection.
Kilowatt-hour Charge — Usage is broken out according to the tier rates within your Rate Class, and reflects the charges per KWH for each tier.
Facility Charge — Monthly charge associated maintaining equipment and providing availability of service, exclusive of demand and energy consumption.
Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment — The change in any purchase power cost or generation cost.
Demand Charge — Charge associated with maintaining sufficient electric facilities to meet each member’s highest demand for energy.
Power Factor — Charge reflecting actual power compared to the apparent power supplied.
Environment/Regulatory Compliance Charge — Cost to comply with environmental regulations regarding the generation of your electricity.