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Keep Holidays Bright and Safe with Electrical Awareness

The bright, festive holiday season can also be a time of potential hazards, injuries and even death. No not from a fracas at the mall over the last holiday necktie, but from electrical holiday decorations.  Those beautiful Christmas trees, holiday lights, and festive ornaments take a significant toll annually by contributing to fires, electrical burns […]

Gift of Energy Program

Christmas can be a tough time for lots of folks, especially balancing monthly bills and purchasing gifts for others. In you know of someone that could use a little help this month or next with their electric bill, please consider our “Gift of Energy” program to help someone that might need it.  Your gift can be either […]

EIA: Colder, More Expensive Winter

  The word from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) is to expect a colder winter than last with higher energy costs.  For more information click here. It sounds like it’s going to be a cold winter!  Just an FYI that SIEC will have to have a rate increase in 2018, but we will wait until April […]




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