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Say “NO” to Closing Prairie State Energy Campus

Say ‘NO’ to exporting more jobs out of Illinois and importing energy into Illinois that is less clean and more expensive! Jobs, electric rates, and reliability are at stake.
You can make your voices heard by clicking the link and sending a letter to the Governor and our legislators.

The Details:

The forced premature closure of Prairie State Energy Campus would leave electric co-ops stranded with the unpaid debt of building it, while forcing us to spend additional dollars on new energy resources. This could result in a 20%-25% increased cost to our members’ utility bills.

The most recent proposed energy legislation could force the premature closure of Prairie State Energy Campus in 2035.

Prairie State Energy Campus is 100% owned by non-profit cooperatives and municipals. This investment in Illinois provides jobs and safe, reliable electricity.
Prairie State Energy Campus is one of the cleanest coal-fired generation plants in the country.

The premature closure of Prairie State will result in power being imported from neighboring states from power plants with less stringent environmental standards than Prairie State has always met.

Illinois cooperatives invest in renewables and are voluntarily using renewable resources at a rate that is nearly four times higher than the rest of the state through our wholesale power generation and transmission cooperatives.

Current technology still needs to be improved and expanded upon before we can reliably power the grid with no carbon dioxide emissions. If policy gets ahead of technology, reliability will be threatened.

Closing Prairie State Energy Campus will expose our cooperative (and members) to the unpredictable wholesale market with potential skyrocketing costs.
Click the link to contact the Governor and our legislators and say ‘NO’ to the premature closing of Prairie State Energy Campus in Washington County. Rural Americans bound together to get electricity – we must continue to work together to keep it safe, affordable, and reliable. We will keep you updated on the progress of this proposed legislation.